3G iPhone in May, new mobile device at WWDC 2008?

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By: switchtoamac at: 10:46 AM on April 21, 2008 | Comments (12)
We don't usually publish rumors but when a classmate in my MBA program (who happens to have connections with several Apple reps) passed on an interesting tidbit of iPhone speculation this past weekend, I felt that it warranted publication.  He indicated that Apple will be announcing the 3G iPhone sometime in May and then a new product at WWDC 2008.

3G iPhone announcement in May?
If the rumor is true, the new iPhone will be available for purchase at the Apple Store one day after Apple announces it.  So to reitereate, Apple will announce the iPhone an you'll be able to buy it the very next day.  With the iPhone update out of the way, Apple will use WWDC 2008 (June 9th - 13th in San Francisco) to announce a new handheld device, a next generation mobile computing device.

New Portable Device at WWDC 2008?

If announced, will it represent a multi-touch-based reincarnation of the Newton?

Over the past 12 - 18 months, several sites on the web have speculated about the existence of an Apple mobile device.  Some have questioned its existence, whether it will be a Mac tablet or next generation Newton, and if it will resemble the iPhone and iPod touch.  The existence of an Apple Ultra Portable Device can be traced back to 2004 when Apple's CEO Steve Jobs hinted at the All Things Digital conference that the company developed but decided not to ship an Apple PDA.

Since that time, Apple has continued to expand their consumer electronics strategy evidenced by the iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.  Let's not forget the company name change from "Apple Computer" to "Apple Inc." in January 2007 to align the firm with the strategy.

I'd also like to highlight that on April 2, 2008, Intel announced Centrino Atom processors for Mobile Internet Devices (press release).  The chips are targeted for use in cell phones, ultra-mobile computers and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).  Since the switch to Intel processors, Apple and Intel have been rumored to have formed an "Apple Group" comprised of Apple and Intel engineers.

I suppose time will tell if my classmate is correct but I do have some faith in his rumor.  Here's why:

  • He used to work for Apple, hence the connections
  • He knew about Leopard's October 2007 delay prior to the announcement

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Cheers. Commented on at macrumors.com

Atom is not relevant (at least this year due to power consumption afaik).
the 200,000 produced by May could = a buffer for stock rooms so they can sell on June 10th.

We await May with interest. And wonder - if Apple announces the new version iPhone in May, what's the suprise in June?!!

If correct, mad props to you for getting this information out. But to be honest, I doubt this will happen.

Might be a grain of truth to this rumor because Italy is supposed to get the iPhone in a few weeks and they're darn sure not gonna be offered the fire-sale 2.5G iPhone. It flat out wouldn't sell. So it's very likely that Italy will be the first to get the 3G iPhone. Yeh, I know. How can the U.S. not be the first to receive it? Maybe it will be offered in Italy and the U.S. in limited volume. Whatever. Your classmate may be telling the truth.

What would an Ultra portable Apple device offer that iPod touch or Macbook Air doesn't already? That's right, nothing, especially since with the SDK we could likely see Microsoft Office on iPod touch/iPhone, iPod touch is the reincarnation of the Newton

I talked to a guy at AT&T and he thinks it will be announced on May 18th, and go on sale in June.

The problem I see is that announcing it then, then going on sale in June would make their iPhone sales drop to zero, or close to it. I never thought about it being released on the next day. What your friend is saying and what the guy at AT&T is saying makes me hopeful about the may release of the 3G iPhone. I am getting it because my screen is cracked on my iPhone (which I am typing this on now) and is annoying to use but it works thank god. If the 3G is announced then, I hope to see an early release of the iPhone software 2.0 update to go with it. The absence of a more advanced operating system on a new product launch that already has such an advanced operating system as it is, would be strange. Apple will most likely have to update the operating system for a device with such capabilities as a 3G iPhone. WWDC would be focused on development on the iPhone which would still have the same coding methods of the curent iPhone due to the beta release and the work spent on all of those applications made by beta testers. The 3G iPhone would hopefully have GPS and an updated map. The idea of a removable battery seems like something that would be obsurd on iPhone. The power used by the 3G network was the reason it was not 3G in the first place. Steve said that himself. But the product at WWDC seems strange to me. It might be an iPod update, most likely to the iPod touch to go with the new 3G iPhone as some hardware would have changed like GPS and hopefully a better camera. In the end, I hope you are right. Everyone knows a 3G iPhone is coming out. Oh, I typed all of this on my iPhone.

I'd imagine this is true. all day yesterday the AT&T network in NYC was being upgraded. Service was crap in all 5 boroughs throughout the day. Definitely a system upgrade prepping for the iPhone.

They've also just replaced the towers a few buildings away within the past week. It's definitely coming soon.

Maybe this has some truth to it. As of this morning the iPhone is no longer available on the Apple online store.

i could see the announcement on 5/18, avail pre-order on 5/19 via online & stores to ship and be available 6/12. this way less crying for 1.0 buyers and apple can start getting sales for 3 weeks before actually shipping it - as er att store vacation blackout. (if a company accepts an order and can't deliver in 30days they hafta offer refund - the 3 weeks gives them that window & into wwdc)

Apple will be launching a new device at the June WWDC. I was outside the WWDC a couple of years ago and remember the Nano coming out of nowhere. Apple never fails to surprise and that is why the 3G iPhone is not the important event we are all waiting for.

Bring on the new iPhone. I have been waiting for this thing for months.

Well, we've seen this before. Apple released the new Mac Pro models literally a few days before Macworld in January just to make enough room for the MacBook Air... 3G iPhone is however a little bit bigger deal than the tower's speed bumps. So if they actually release 3G iPhone in May, we should get ready for something big at the WWDC.

Well, at a 40th anniversary celebration in Munich the boss of Intel Germany Hannes Schwaderer did in fact confirm the rumor mentioned above: The new iPhone will have an Atom Chip and a display of 720 x 480 pixels... I guess I'll be happy to see the announcment at the WWDC in June...

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