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Apple sells both desktops and portables (laptops) Macintosh computers.  This guide provide a brief overview of each model.  Click on the "Read more" links to read a detailed guide for each Mac line.



The iMac changes the way we look and work with a computer.  At first glance, all you see is an elegant display but behind the screen is a versatile and powerful computer. Read more


Mac mini
The Mac Mini is not only Apple's entry level Mac but is also the smallest Mac . The Mac mini although only 6.5 inches square and 2 inches tall (imagine a few DVDs stacked on each other), is by no means an underperforming machine.  It's a great choice for buyers looking for a small computer at an attractive price.  It is also a very capable server that can run Mac OS X Sever.   Read more


Mac Pro
Are you a professional or power user who needs the most powerful Mac model ? If so, the Mac Pro will be the Mac that is likely to  suit your needs. The Mac Pro is Apple's flagship line.  Its unprecedented configuration options will allow you to do just about everything.  Read more



The MacBook is Apple's consumer portable Mac. The  features and price speaks for itself but where it really shouts is on its value, quality, and capabilities.   Read more


MacBook Pro
Need a mobile powerhouse?  The MacBook Pro not only builds on the features found in the MacBook but also takes a Mac portable to the next level.  One look at the elegant design and you'll be memorized.  The sleek and beautiful aluminum enclosure houses one of the most powerful portable computers on the market.  Read more


MacBook Air
The MacBook Air is Apple ultrathin ultraportable Mac.  If you need need the ultimate lightweight portable but don't want to compromise on screen size or keyboard, the MacBook Air is Mac to consider.  Read more


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