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Choosing a Mac is not a difficult task.  Apple currently sells six different Macintosh models , three models in both the desktop and portable categories.  Apple also sells a server-level model called the Xserve but that is geared towards specific server use cases that the normal home user would not require.  You can purchased a Mac directly from Apple via the company's Apple Retail stores or the online Apple Store.  You can also purchase a Mac from an Apple Authorized Reseller such as, MacMall, Best Buy and others.  You can purchase either a pre-built system or customize one to your unique needs and requirements.

The first thing you should do is determine your user type.  It's critical to determine what kind of user you are so you can identify how you use a computer.  Once you have completed that task, identifying the Mac model to purchase will be a much easier.  The 'user type' and Mac model preliminary steps are important because you do not want to purchase a system that is beyond your means and needs.  Why purchase a professional level Mac such as the Mac Pro if you only need an iMac?

Pleae read Part Nine in the 'How To Switch' series for a brief overview on how to narrow down a portable or desktop model.  You'll know how you will use your future Mac and will have identified models that will best serve your needs.

Are you interested in reading about the features and capabilities of each Mac?  Just visit the Mac Models guide for an overview of each Mac.  From this page you will be directed to an in-depth guide specific to each model.

The final step would be the actual purchase.  You can purchase a Mac directly from Apple or from an Apple Authorized Reseller.  You'll want to read Part Eleven in the 'How to Switch' series for purchase advice and tips.  We suggest that you vist an Apple retail location and test drive a Mac prior to making your purchase.


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