What is Leopard?

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Leopard, also known as Mac OS X Leopard, is the current release version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system that runs on the company's Macintosh computers.  Leopard was released on October 26, 2007.  Leopard has been designated a version number of 10.5 and is the 6th version OS X version that Apple has released since early 2001. Leopard contains more that 300 new features when compared to Tiger, the prior version of Mac OS X.
Mac OS X Leopard Box - Courtesy of AppleSome of the new, noteworthy, and/or improved features of Leopard include:
  • Boot Camp - Run Windows Vista and Windows XP on your Mac at native speed with full compatibility.  Boot Camp was a beta (test) software in the prior Intel-based version of Mac OS X, specifically Tiger (version 10.4)
  • Spaces - Organize your activities into separate virtual spaces and easily switch from one to another.
  • Time Machine - The automatic backup solution built into the core of Mac OS X. Time Machine automatically makes copies of everything on your Mac including documents, digital photos, music, movies and TV shows, and documents.  Recovery of your files from an earlier time is now possible.  Time Machine makes backups on a regular basis thereby allowing users to scroll back in time to review past file versions and drag them from the past to your Mac.  This is very useful to obtain prior file version, lost files or files that were inadvertently deleted.
  • Quick Look - with a single click you can easily view the contents of files without ever opening them.  Look into text files, PDF documents, images, movies, Keynote presentations, Microsft Excel and Word documents, and Mail attachment.  Quick Look even works in Time Machine.
  • Downloads Stack - Find your downloads quickly in one dedicated stack that's easily located in the Mac OS X Dock.
  • Finder - a new and improved Finder makes browsing files on a Mac easier than ever.  You can flip through files using Cover Flow or using an iTunes-style sidebar.  Finder now allows you to participate in an interactive screen sharing session with other Macs on your network.
  • iChat Theater - allows users to show iPhoto slide shows, QuickTime movies, and Keynote presentations, within a chat session with other iChat users.
For an overview and history of Mac OS X, please read What is Mac OS X.


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