Spotlight Smart Folders

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Smart Folders are special folders that can dynamically hold content based on a specific Spotlight search.  Smart Folders self-update in that they search for the criteria you have specified and point to those items within the folder the moment you open the folder.

Default Smart Folders
Apple has created a few default out-of-the-box Smart Folders in Mac OS X.  You can view these in a Finder Window (highlighted in the image below):


Create a Spotlight Smart Folder
You can create your own customized Smart Folders by saving a Spotlight search and by adding criteria.  It's actually a four step process.

  1. Perform a Spotlight Search
  2. Click the Save button in the upper-right corner
  3. Name the Smart Folder
  4. Select "Add to Sidebar"

Now whenever you click on "Finder Images" in the Finder window, all files matching the search criteria will be displayed.  The upside to using smart folders is that it's a great way to view items in a single folder even if they are spread across different locations.

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