Spotlight Searches in Finder

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You can perform a Spotlight search directly from any OS X Finder window.  Simply type your search into the box in the upper right hand corner of a Finder window and surely enough, the Spotlight results will be displayed within the current window.
Thumbnail image for spotlight_search_03.pngAs you can see, the results will be sorted by type.  The image above shows a default sort order based on the matching items located by the search.

Narrow the Search
Want to narrow down the search or make it more specific?  Just click on the plus sign at the upper right to add options to the search.  After clicking you'll see a new row added with as indicated below:

spotlight_search_04.pngIf I only wanted to locate Applications, I would click on the 'Any' button and select Applications:

spotlight_search_05.pngOnce Applications is selected, the search is automatically narrowed

spotlight_search_06.pngAs with all Spotlight searches, you can save this narrowed search by clicking on the 'Save' button at the upper right.

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