What are Menulets?

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Menulets are of small icons located at the upper right corner of the Menu Bar.  Many Windows users are accustomed to the Windows taskbar that is located on the lower right corner of a Windows screen.  Menulets are similar to the taskbar icons in Windows.
Menulets are also called Menu Extras.  A sample screenshot of two menulets are shown below:

The first two icons starting from the left are for the Mac OS X volume and Bluetooth settings.  These two allow you to control these specific features.  You can easily adjust the volume sent to the speakers by simply clicking on the volume menulet.  The Bluetooth menulet allows you to perform some very quick actions such as shown:

Menulets are used as shortcuts to access and modify specific settings in the Mac OS X System Preferences configuration area.  You can easily add or remove a menulet by clicking on a checkbox in System Preferences.
Created: 11:10 PM on Dec 24, 2006
By: switchtoamac