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The Mac OS X Finder is flexible in that is allows  you can customize the Finder Toolbar to your liking.  You can add or remove icons and adjust the size of the toolbar.

Customize Icons
You have several options on what you can place in the Toolbar by modifying the preferences as follows:
  1. Open a Finder window
  2. Click on View on the Finder Menu then click on Customize Toolbar.  (Alternatively, you can right click on the Finder Toolbar, then select Customize Toolbar)

  3. A Finder customization window will drop down from the active Finder window  which states "Drag your favorite items into the toolbar ..." will appear


  4. Drag whatever you like to a location you would like the item to appear.  In this example, the Get Info icon will be placed to the right of the view icons:

  5. Click Done when you're finished with your customizations.  In the example demonstrated, the toolbar will appear as follows:


Other Tips

  • You can save mouse clicks by simultaneously pressing the Command and Option keys while you click on the Toolbar Control button
  • You can customize the additional features using the "Show" drop-down menu and by checking the "Use Small Size" box.

Toolbar Size

Simultaneously press the Command key while you click on the Toolbar Control button.  As you continue to click, you will go through several different sizes.  Choose what you like.

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