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Finder Slideshows allow you to create and view images as a slideshow and kick them off directly from the Mac OS X Finder.  If the image size is large enough, you'll be able to see the images full-screen.
Creating a Slideshow is Easy
Use Finder to navigate to a folder that has an image or several images.  Highlight the files you would like to include in the slideshow.

Select the items you would like to view in the slideshow

Press the Quick Look icon on the Finder Toolbar, you'll immediately notice a Quick Look window appear and display the first item in your highlighted list:

Initiate the Slideshow - alternative
There are other ways to kick off a Quick Look slide show.  Two ways include pressing Control and simultaneously clicking on the highlighted items or right clicking on the highlighted items.  A menu will pop up, select Quick Look.  Note that the pop up will detail the number of items selected.

You can take charge of the Slideshow by using the various buttons that appear on the bottom of the screen to do things such as:
  • Previous - move back to the prior item
  • Play - play the slideshow
  • Pause - pause the slideshow (this icon will replace the play icon once the slideshow begins)
  • Next - move to the next item
  • Create an Index Sheet
  • Fit the image to the screen
  • Add the image to your iPhoto library
  • Exit the slideshow - click on the 'X' in the upper left corner or press the 'esc' key
When you exit the slideshow, you'll return to the Finder window from where you initiated the slideshow.

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