Burnable Folders

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Burnable Folders are folders that make it easy to burn CDs or data DVDs directly from a Finder window.  This feature within Mac OS X is made possible with a folder "Burn Folder".
burn_folder_icon.pngBurn Folders makes the process of burning quick and easy because all you need to do is simply drag and drop the files  you wish to burn into the Burn Folder.  The upside to this implementation is that you no longer need to name the disc you want to burn andyou don't have to go through the "Burn Disc" sequence of steps to initiate a burn.  You streamline the process of having to do a repeated burn especially at a later date and most importantly, you don't need to remember the location of various file scattered all over your hard drive(s).  Burnable Folders are easily identified by the icon shown to the right.

Create a Burn Folder
It's easy to do just follow these steps::
  1. Open a Finder Window

  2. Click File in the Menu Bar and select New Burn Folder
burn_folder_02.png By Default Mac OS X assigns the name "Burn Folder", highlights it for easy renaming, and places it in the location you are currently at in Finder.

Open the Burn Folder to view it

Add items to the Burn Folder 
All you have to do is drag items you want to burn into the Burn Folder.  To see what is placed in the Burn Folder open it and you will immediately notice icons with an arrows in the bottom left corner.  This icon represents an alias (or shortcut) that points to the location of the item.  Note that you are not actually moving the item to the Burn Folder, the remain where they are, the Burn Folder simply points to it.

Burn with a Click
When you're ready to burn the folder to a CD or DVD, just click the "Burn" button located at the upper right corner of the Burn Folder.  You could use the Finder menu by first selecting File and then clicking on "Burn Disc"  Thus, it's as easy as following the instructions that Mac OS X presents on the screen.

Future Burns are Easy
If you think you may need to burn the contents of the Burn Folder again at a later date just keep the Burn Folder.  Mac OS X is intelligent enough to remember where the original files exists and if the file gets updated between burns, Mac OS X will burn the most up-to-date file on the next burn.  To remove items from the Burn Folder just delete them by moving them to the trash.

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