Mimic the Windows Start Menu

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A great tip for switchers is that you can mimic the behavior of the Windows Start Menu in OS X by simply adding the Applications folder on the Dock.  The upside to this is that you will be able to launch applications from the Dock in a manner that will simulate the Windows Start menu.
  1. Open Macintosh HD
  2. Drag the Applications folder to the Dock and place it anywhere to the left of the Trash icon
  3. This will place a shortcut to the Applications folder in the Dock (you are not actually moving the Applications folder to the Dock, just pointing to it)
  4. Once there press and hold the Applications folder to bring up a Menu that will allow you to configure the behavior when the Applications folder is clicked.  You can configure the following behaviors:
    • Sort by
    • Display as
    • View content as
You will now have a simulated Windows Start menu that will provide you with a very easy way launch Applications.  The following shows the Applications folder added to the Dock in Mac OS X Leopard and configured to show as a "List"

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