Customize the Dock via Preferences

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Your Dock Your Customizations
Apple starts you off with a pre-configured Dock.  For some users this is sufficient but  for others, they wish to configure it to suit their unique needs.  Thus, if you want to take your Mac OS X experience to another level, customize the Dock.  No two customized Docks are identical.  The focus of this guide is the Dock Behavior and effects.
Customize the Dock Behavior

There several ways to customize the behavior of the Dock.  We'll discuss a few.  

Method One: The Apple Menu
  1. Click on the Apple icon on the upper left corner of the screen
  2. Scroll down and select Dock

dock_preferences_apple_menu_01.pngA few items can be enabled directly as indicated in the image.  For example, you can reposition the Dock to the left of the Desktop by simple selecting "Position on Left".  If you click on "Dock Preferences" the Dock Preferences screen will appear as follows:

Method Two: System Preferences
  1. Launch System Preferences
  2. Click on Dock

dock_preferences_system_preferences_02.pngYou will then see the same "Dock Preferences" as indicated in Method One

Method Three Control-click on the Dock.
  1. Place your mouse over the divider in the Dock.
  2. Once you see the mouse pointer change to something with a solid line in the middle with an up and down arrow, press the control key on your keyboard
  3. As you keep the control key pressed click the mouse button to show the following pop-up as shown to the right:
From here you can easily modify an option and/or select Dock Preferences.

What Can you modify in Dock Preferences?
If you look at the second image above, you can see that within Dock Preferences one can modify parameters to adjust the size of the Dock, enable magnification (a scrolling option), its position on the screen, its minimizing behavior, animation effects, and allow it to automatically hide when it's not in use.

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