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As described in the What is Dashboard? guide, Mac OS X ships with several Apple supplied Widgets.  In the Install a Widget guide, we described how a user can download and install Widgets to customize their Dashboard experience.
Location of Widgets
Where are Widgets stored?  Mac OS X stores Widgets in one of two directories and the location depends on whether the Widget is provided by Apple, installed by an application, or installed by a user. 

This guide requires an understanding of the Mac OS X Library Folders.

/Library/Widgets Folder
The Apple supplied Widgets are stored in the /Library/Widgets folder that is located under the Macintosh HD.  If you have installed third party software on you Mac, it may have also installed a Widget in this directory.  For example , I have installed a program called "Personal Backup" and the installation program placed the Personal Backup Widget in this folder.  Navigate to the folder listed above to see the Widgets.

By placing the Widget in this directory, other users on the system will be able to use the Widget in their Dashboard.

/User/Library Folder
If you install a Widget via the Dashboard Widgets Widget or via a download from a web browser and perform an installation, the Widget will be placed in your Users Library folder under your Home Folder.

For example, I installed the "iStat pro" widget so it was placed under my Home Folder and will not be  accessible by any other user or their Dashboard.  For example, my downloaded Widgets will be installed at: (note that the ~ indicates your Home folder):


Thumbnail image for widget_user_library_01.pngKeep Widgets in their Location
If a Widget is moved to another folder on the Macintosh HD it will not be located by Dashboard so keep the Widgets in their appropriate folders.

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