Dashboard Tricks

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Here are two tricks that will make Dashboard do some really interesting things.
Slow Motion
You can make Dashboard appear in slow motion by pressing the Shift key when you launch Dashboard.  For example, press Shift and click the Dashboard icon in the Dock.  Soon you'll see the Widgets appear in slow motion.  Repeat the step to make them disappear in slow motion.

Refresh a Widget
Simultaneously press the Command key and R to perform a refresh.  Watch as the Widget performs a twisting action.  This is useful for widgets that rely on changing information such as stock quotes.

Close a Widget

Hold down the option key while hovering the cursor over an open widget.  A close button (X in the upper right) will appear.  This is a quick way to close a widget without having to use the Widget widget.

Open / Close the Widget Bar with a keystroke
Simultaneously press the 'Command' and '=' buttons to open or close widget bar at the bottom of the screen when Dashboard is open.

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