What is iWork?

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iWork is a collection of office productivity applications available for purchase from Apple.  iWork '09, released in January 2009, is the most recent version and includes the following applications:
  • iwork09box.pngPages is a word processor that provides an intuitive way to create documents.  It offers several writing and layout modes, formatting options, graphics tools, change tracking, and numerous templates.  You can even import and export Microsoft Word documents.
  • Keynote is a powerful presentation application that includes text effects and transitions, animations, voice-over recording, smart builds, numerous built-in themes, and multimedia integration.  Keynote support several delivery options such as Microsoft Powerpoint, YouTube, iTunes, iWeb, and Quicktime.
  • Numbers is a spreadsheet application that is designed for ease of use.  Key features include intellegent tables, interactive print view, flexible canvases, customizable templates, charts, images and labels.  Numbers can import and export to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
History of iLife
iWork was first unveiled in January 2005 when apple packaged together the first release of Pages and version 2 of Keynote.  Numbers first appeared in iWork '08.  These are the historical releases of the iWork suite of applications:
  • iWork '05 (2005)
  • iWork '06 (2006)
  • iWork '08 (2007)
  • iWork '09 (2009)
  • May 1, 2009 - content revision, updated image to iWork '09
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