What is iDVD?

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iDVD is a DVD creation application for Mac OS X bundled with Apple's iLife suite.  It is pre-installed on every new Mac.  iDVD is not part of the Mac OS X operating system but a standalone application.
idvd_icon.pngWhat can you do with iDVD?
iDVD allows Mac users to author QuickTime movies, slideshows (with both photos and video clips), and music in an intuitive easy-to-use way.  iDVD works with your Mac's DVD drive to record your projects onto a DVD-R disc.  Once the DVD has been created, you can easily view it on most computer-based and commercial DVD players.  The high quality encoding will give your DVDs a beautiful final touch.

The ideal fit for iMovie and iPhoto

iDVD easily integrates with iMovie and iPhoto, which are other applications in the iLife suite.  Simply export your iMovie project or iPhoto slideshow to iDVD for burning.

Your DVD your way
Thanks to Apple-designed animated themes you can quickly create design your DVD using 'drop zones' which are placeholders for your content.  If you prefer, you can start from scratch and create your DVD from the ground up.  Add titles, chapters, menus, navigation, buttons, and background music to give your DVD its own look and feel

Perfect for today's widescreen TVs
iDVD themes allows you to author DVDs in widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3) formats.

Works with Final Cut
iDVD can also work with Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express, Apple's non-linear video editing applications.
Created: 4:06 PM on Aug 27, 2008
By: switchtoamac