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The guides are to the left and are divided into various categories and sub-categories.  Each link takes you to a specific guide.  For example, if you click on 'Macs', you'll be taken to the Macs Guides.  If you click on 'iMac', you'll be taken to the guides for the iMac.  Just pick a guide to get started.
This site is a constant work in progress.  New guides, content, and features are constantly being added or updated so keep visiting.

Where do I start?
You're probably wondering where to start.  Most articles can be read in any order but some require an understanding of other concepts and/or features.  If so, the guide will provide a link to the other content.

Must Read Guides

We recommend that you start off by reviewing the guides that describe the current Macintosh (Mac) models available for purchase.  You may also want to visit the Must Read Guides page for a list of guides that we feel are essential for developing a quick base of knowledge.

Not sure where to find something, just perform a search.  Note that more results are generated with smaller searches.  Visit our search page or perform a search in the search bar on the upper right.

How to Switch
If you're thinking about making the switch the guides will surely help you learn more about Macs and Mac OS X.  We have a How to Switch topic that gives advice and steps on making the switch.  It's located on our main site.


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