What is Airport Utility?

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Airport Utility is a Mac OS X utility that allows users to set up, manage, and configure Apple's lineup of AirPort Wi-Fi base stations such as AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule.
airport_utility_icon.pngWhat does AirPort Utility do?
The AirPort Utility allows users to create wireless networks and share USB-attached devices including a hard drive or printer.  AirPort Utility steps you through a series of screens to quickly setup your wireless networks.  If you have a high-speed Internet connection, simply connect your cable or DSL modem to your Airport Extreme or Time Capsule device, launch Airport Utility and follow the instructions.  Once it has been setup, you can easily make changes by relaunching AirPort Utility.

Airport  is also used to update the firmware on Airport Wi-Fi base stations.

Airport Utility is available for both Mac OS X and Windows (XP and Vista).
Created: 12:46 PM on Jun 15, 2009
By: switchtoamac