What is MobileMe?

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MobileMe is Apple's next generation subscription-based service that replaced Apple's .Mac (pronounced dot Mac) service.

Courtesy of AppleWhat does MobileMe provide?
MobileMe is a suite of features that  it integrated into the the Mac OS X operating system.  It works with several  applications including Mac OS X Mail, iCal, and Address Book.  It is also able to integrate with Apple's iLife suite of applications to allow you to do things like easily uploading photos in iPhoto to your personal space on MobileMe.  It also works with Mail, Calendar, and Contacts on the iPhone or iPod touch.  MobileMe also works  out-of-the box with Microsoft Outlook on Windows based PCs.  Several third-party Mac OS X software vendors have created tie-ins into MobileMe.

Push Push Push

MobileMe comes with push features built right in for email, contacts, and calendar.  MobileMe will "push" updates to the "cloud" and then push updates to your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and/or PC.

What can I do with MobileMe?
MobileMe enables you to synchronize data on multiple devices such as Macs, iPhones, iPod touch, and PCs.

Easy Access and Easy to Use - Apple's Me.com site
You have full access your email, calendar, and contacts at www.me.com.  You can also share documents with others that you have uploaded to the site.  The site includes a great collection of web apps that behave like desktop applications including Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.   These applications appear and behave similar to desktop applications.  You also have a gallery and iDisk, your own personal online storage. A nice feature of MobileMe is MobileMe Gallery.


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