What is MobileMe Gallery?

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MobileMe Gallery is a feature of Apple's MobileMe service that allows you to easily upload your photographs.  The feature makes it easy to share photographs with family and friends.
Key Features of MobileMe Gallery
  • Upload photos from your Mac, PC, or iPhone
  • Send invites to allow invitees to view, download, and add photos to your Gallery
  • Password protect your published albums
  • Publish movies you created in iMovie
  • Manage your Gallery no matter where you are simply connect to me.com and use the Gallery web application
MobileMe provides beautiful views for your published photos such as grid, mosaic, or carousel.  Your photos can also be viewed in full screen slideshows.  MobileMe Gallery offers a great way to distribute your photos.  Simply upload them and offer your visitors the option to download the photos as full-size high quality images or as scaled down versions.

Works with other applications
MobileMe Gallery works effortlessly with other Apple applications including iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, and Aperture.

In order to use MobileMe Gallery you must have an active MobileMe account.
Created: 4:04 PM on Mar 10, 2009
By: switchtoamac