Upgrading from .Mac to MobileMe

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If you were a .Mac (dot Mac) or future user of Apple's MobileMe service and running a version of Mac OS X Leopard that doesn't have MobileMe in System Preferences, you'll need to upgrade your Mac to MobileMe.  MobileMe is the next generation subscription-based service from Apple.  Learn more about MobileMe at our What is MobileMe? guide.
You need to be running Mac OS X Leopard to use MobileMe on your Mac.

A brief overview - How do I install the update?

1. You download the MobileMe installer with Software Update
2. Install
3. Verify Installation

Step by Step Instructions
The following screens provide a step-by-step overview of the upgrade.  Note that as of this guide's posting, the way to get your Mac to initiate the upgrade process is by using System Preferences.
  • Launch System Preferences
  • Click on .Mac under Internet & Network

  • Wait a moment or two for the following MobileMe notification to show up:

  • Then continue with the upgrade steps outlined below

Click on Software Update to have Software Update locate the MobileMe updater

Click on "Install"

The updater wil be downloaded and then installed

Verify the Installation

  • If the install was a success, Software Update will reappear with a green checkbox next to the MobileMe updater and will show that it was Installed on the bottom

  • Within System Preferences you'll see that the .Mac icon has been replaced with the MobileMe icon:

  • Click on the MobileMe icon
  • Then click on the Various tabs such as "Account", "Sync", "iDisk", and "Back to My Mac"

  • You can also test by sending yourself an email within Mac OS X Mail to both your @me.com and @mac.com email addresses

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