What is iCal?

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Mac OS X ships with a nice personal calendar application called iCal. iCal enables you to create events, make To-Do Lists and subscribe and publish to other calendars as well. It is integrated with Apple MobileMe service.
Works with other applications and devices
iCal can interoperate with other Mac OS X applications as well as Apple and non-Apple hardware.  For example, it can share information Mail, Address Book , and third-party applications.  iCal can also share information with other Macs, an iPhone or iPod, and other devices.

The image below shows the default screen of iCal in Mac OS X Leopard. 

ical_leopard_01.pngThe following image shows that the default view has been changed to include a mini month on the bottom left corner.  Notice how two calenders show up on the upper left pane, these are the two default calenders in iCal.

ical_leopard_02.pngSeveral other iCal views can be created, this guide showed just two.

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