What is Front Row?

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Front Row is a multimedia application that allows Mac users to browse media on their computers using an Apple Remote or a keyboard.  Front Row first debuted in October 2005 on Macs (running Mac OS X Tiger) that had built-in infrared sensors for the Apple remote.

Front Row  is now installed on all new Macs and is part of the Mac OS X Leopard operating system, thus it can be used on Macs that do not have the infrared sensor.

front_row_icon.pngWhat can Front Row browse?
Front Row transforms your Mac into a digital entertainment center.  You can listen to music, podcasts, watch movies, DVDs, TV shows, and browse photos.

How is Front Row launched?

The original Front Row was accessible only via the Apple remote or keyboard shortcut.  The Leopard version can now be launched as an application.  This is a benefit to users who own a Mac Pro, Power Mac, or any other Mac that doesn't have a built-in IR sensor.

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