DVD Player Controls

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You can use the DVD controller to perform actions or control the Mac OS X DVD Player.  You also have the option to use your keyboard and mouse to perform tasks and actions.
To invoke actions without using the DVD controller, you can use the Controls and Go options in the DVD Player Menu Bar.  Launch DVD Player to see what's available for the menus. 

The following is an image of the DVD Player Menu Bar in Mac OS X Leopard:

dvd_player_menu_bar_leopard_01.pngNote that the following images have several grayed out choices because Mac OS X prevents image captures when DVD Player is actively playing a DVD.

In Mac OS X Leopard

In Mac OS X Tiger


Control Examples:

  • When a DVD is playing press the spacebar to pause it, press it again to resume play.
  • Scroll forward and back using the keyboard commands.  Press the commands numerous time to scroll at 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, and 32x the normal play speeds
  • Adjust the volume or mute the sound
  • Enable or Disable Closed Captioning
  • Add a Bookmark
  • Eject the DVD
Go Examples:
  • Jump to the DVD Menu, the beginning of the disc, or Title Menu
  • Go to a specific chapter or skip to the next or previous chapter
  • Switch to the Mac OS X Finder
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