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An application icon is simply a representation for the application.  Tied to that icon are folders and files that essentially make up the application and allow it to function on your Mac.  Let's demonstrate this with an example.
  1. Open a Finder window and navigate to the Applications Folder
  2. Single Click on DVD Player

  3. Click on the Action Button in the Finder Toolbar, control-click, or right-click with the mouse button (this example demonstrates the Action Button option)
  4. Then select "Show Package Contents" from the drop-down menu

  5. You will now see a folder called "Contents", click on it.
    You'll soon see a Info.plist file, a MacOS folder, a PkgInfo file, a Resources folder, and a version.plist file.  You can click on the triangle to view the contents of the folders.  The MacOS folder will contain a single file, the Resources folder will contain files and additional folders.
show_package_contents_03.pngHow do I know if the Application is an Application Bundle?
After selecting an application's icon in the Application folder and either useng the Action Button in the Finder toolbar, a control-click, or right-click on the icon and if you see "Show Package Contents" appear, then the application is a bundle.

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